Frequently Ask Question

  • What is a web hosting service?

    Web hosting is, more or less, an agreement between you and a web hosting service provider that you will pay a monthly, quarterly, semi annual or yearly lease to own and operate a portion of their massive web servers.
    In order to operate a web site you absolutely need a web hosting account, as no site can just live on the Internet without a web server.

  • What is a shared hosting?

    Shared web hosting services are amongst the most popular types of web hosting, primarily because they are extremely affordable. Shared web hosting provides the plan holder with access to a small part of a web server that is used by hundreds of other web sites.
    Shared hosting is a very unique web hosting type that usually costs less than any other kind of web hosting plan.

  • What are the benefits of shared hosting?

    The most apparent benefit of shared hosting is the strikingly low cost associated with most shared hosting accounts.
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  • What are the disadvantages of shared hosting?

    Shared hosting also has many disadvantages. In fact, shared hosting has more disadvantage than any other kind of web hosting, simply because there are not as many server resources available to the webmaster. When web servers are shared by hundreds of web sites at the same time they begin to slow down. To uphold customer satisfaction web hosting providers have to keep strict restrictions in order to ensure optimal server functionality. In the process, many webmasters are limited in their ability to build comprehensive web sites.
    If you need a comprehensive hosting plan that allows for expansion and fats site performance then you may want to consider another hosting type. Shared web hosting is ideal for new webmasters that need access to hosting for a minimal cost. If you have no experience and would like to start your own online business then shared web hosting may be perfect for you. If you are serious about the long term success of your online internet endeavors then you may want to examine other hosting options before selecting shared web hosting.

  • What is a dedicated hosting?

    Dedicated hosting is a private web hosting that is dedicated to a single person or company. Unlike shared hosting plans, the web hosting that is servicing your websites is not being used by anyone else.
    Dedicated web hosting is the most powerful hosting type currently available to the public, other than cloud hosting which is generally a corporate solution. Dedicated hosting accounts are capable of hosting hundreds of web sites simultaneously without the need for additional features or services.

  • Why dedicated hosting is the best option?

    Dedicated web hosting is used by professional site owners that need the best kind of web hosting available. Dedicated servers are known in the web hosting industry as the most powerful and comprehensive web hosting on the market. If you demand the best for your online business then you may want to consider the incredible benefits of a dedicated server.

  • What are the advantages of dedicated hosting?

    Privacy, power and control.

  • What is a CMS?

    Content management systems are comprehensive site management utilities that are becoming increasingly popular amongst webmasters.
    Content management systems are literally revolutionizing the way the internet is being developed, by giving webmasters convenient access to tools and resources needed for efficient site administration.

  • What is SSL?

    SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a security protocol used to protect data as it is transmitted between devices on the Internet.

  • What is SEO?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a very commonly used term in the web hosting industry. Search engine optimization is basically the practice of optimizing your web pages for higher search engine rankings. Being ranked highly for popular keywords in search engines is the best way to receive residual traffic with very little effort.